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2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread


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I took down my first championship.  I only play in one league so it’s hard to win it.  I won the last 3 match ups by a combined 10.5 points.  Carson’s 4th quarter td literally won me the title by 3 points.  Last week, Kamara’s 4th quarter td won me the match up by 5 points.  I started the season 3-4 and unexplainabley went on to win 8 out of my last 9 match ups.  Once in a lifetime ride

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Alright, I'll tell my "cool story, bro" even though I'm well aware that nobody cares about my fantasy team.


So my main league is my 10 team keeper league with my long-time friends. This was Year 12 of the league and I hadn't won despite generally having one of the better teams year in and year out. The years where I didn't have a competitive record are generally years where I knew by Week 4 the team was going nowhere and would sell off players for future picks.


Year 2, I went 13-1 with most points and far and away the best team......lost in the semis. Won the 3rd place game and would've outscored every playoff team.


Year 3, I went 12-2 with most points and while the top of the league was tighter that year, I had what was probably the best team......lost in the semis, thanks to this Brees dud - https://www.footballdb.com/games/boxscore.html?gid=2009121901. Won the 3rd place game and would've outscored every playoff team.


Year 5, I was the #1 seed again......lost in the semis with my worst performance of the season. Won the 3rd place game and would've outscored every playoff team. I forget who my opponent had this year, but I was basically in a 60-0 hole after the Saturday games that week and never recovered.


Year 7, we had mixed things up by now and expanded the playoffs to 6 teams. I got the bye and was the #2 seed and made it to the title game, and lost by less than a point. I forget the specifics, but I was streaming defenses that year and I think I rolled with Cincinnati most of the year and picked wrong between them and Cleveland since (I thought) one of them had a juicy matchup. They didn't and I lost again.


Year 8,  I was the #2 seed again and lost to a 7-6 team in the semis. To make matters worse, the team I lost to lost to a 6-7 team in the title game, giving that guy his 5th straight championship. Lost the 3rd place game as well for good measure.


Year 10 was a weird year.....I was #1 in points but finished 7-6 and was the #5 seed. Played well enough to win in Week 14, lost by 8 points in the semis thanks to this dud of a performance by Kirk Cousins - https://www.footballdb.com/games/boxscore.html?gid=2016121901. Won the 3rd place game and would've outscored every playoff team.


Year 11, same as most of the previous......#1 seed, #1 in points, lose in Week 15, won the 3rd place game and would've outscored every playoff team. This one really stung as it was my final season with David Johnson as a dirt-cheap keeper and he got hurt Week 1 and missed the rest of the season.


(That's 5 Third Place Game dominant wins.....if I just have a little bit of luck in Week 15, I have what, 2-3 championships in that span? I get the best team doesn't always win, but at some point, the coin has to stop landing on heads every single time, no?)


Year 12 AKA 2018 and a similar story to previous seasons. #1 seed, #3 in points. The core of my team all season was Garoppolo/Goff at QB, Gurley as the RB1, Evans/JuJu at WR, and Gronk at TE, with me filling in the rest week-to-week. I had Landry but traded him for Goff after the Garoppolo injury. I had Edelman, but traded him and a future pick for Le'Veon Bell. I had Connor, but traded him and a future pick for David Johnson (I wasn't sold on Connor.....I was wrong). I traded another future pick for Julio Jones. Started out 11-0, lost the final 2 regular season games, but still got a bye and the #1 seed. And then all the extra stuff happened.....Bell obviously never came back, Goff struggled, Gurley got hurt, JuJu got hurt, Julio got banged up. I got a little lucky in that the team I perceived to be the weakest was my Week 15 matchup, and even then I needed Lamar Miller getting injured to win. Fast forward to today and I started waiver add Robby Anderson at WR2, moved both Julio and JuJu to the flex spots, and inserted Jaylen Samuels for Gurley once he was ruled out. The championship game was tight.....my opponent got a little lucky with the Titans defensive TD on the final play of the game, I got unlucky getting a zero from Gronk, but my guys did just enough and I held on during SNF to get Championship #1


The moral of the story being.....fantasy football is stupid, and I'm glad to have finally won a game that is skill-based Weeks 1-14 and mostly luck-based once the playoffs start.



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Took 3rd after having the most points scored as well as the most points score against.


11-2 regular season. Lost AJ Green, then lost James Conner, then Odell, then Josh Gordon, then Lamar Miller. Easily the best team I have ever had prior to the injuries late in the year.


WIlson, Kamara, Damien Williams, and Carson carried me tonight to the 3rd place finish. Just happy to finish in the $ after the brutal last month.


Final roster


Goff, WIlson

Kamara, Conner, Carson, Miller, J. White, G. Edwards, Damien Williams

Odell, AJG, Gordon, C. Samuel, C. Hogan





3 Keeper league. Can keep Kamara as an 8th, Carson as a 9th,  Conner as an 11th, or possibly James White as a 14th round pick next year. My first 5 picks may all be WR's.

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Benched Damian Williams and cj anderson, I still have lindsay and Hamilton tomorrow and I’m up 62 points and he has no one left. Feels good to defend my championship. I lost all my wr besides brown this whole season. I streamed tight ends until I traded Aaron Jones for oj Howard and Jones goes off and Howard goes on the ir. I dropped Carson after week 2. I lost Conner and I thought my season was done. Besides brown, cmac and Mack my whole team has been ww pickups. On Tuesday nights I stay up to be ahead on the waiver and it has paid off. 

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Wooo doggy. Had a great team all season in a 10-team league with HUGE rosters. Usually very snake bitten every season in any league. In total, I've been to 10 championship games in the 13 or so years I've been playing fantasy. I've only been in one league a season, so 10 championship games in 13 years aint bad. Did I mention I was 1-8 in these games coming into this weekend? That's with a 8-game championship losing streak. I was so frustrated in losing in the championship game against my friends in one league that I quit in 2016. I got roped into another league by another friend the next season, mainly because I felt so bad because he didn't know a damn thing about any player. I was just going to help him draft, but I got the "itch" and comanaged the team with him. We proceeded to lose in the championship game...


I've had anything and everything happen to me. Adrian Peterson switch incident. Leveon Bell broken leg. Ray Rice. Injuries in Week 14 to the #1 WR and #1 RB. On and on and over and over. I could give you an article on every season and the terrible things that happened. 


I've had everything happen against me, too. I still remember Bears wide receiver Johnny Knox going off against me in a championship game one season. 26 points in standard. Who is Johnny Knox? Exactly.


Anyway, what just happened this weekend (PPR league) was as refreshing a sight as I've ever seen. I am so astonished at how this weekend turned out that I'm not even too sure how to react. When I say we made all the right moves, I mean we pretty much made ALL the right moves.





This roster has 11 of 15 starters as players we drafted. I'm including Samuels and Hamilton in that number because we drafted both Conner and E. Sanders as well. We handcuffed Conner later in the season and quickly picked up Hamilton after Sanders tore his ACL. Maybe that's "cheating" to include that in there, but oh well! :)

We drafted Robbie Anderson in round 8. Like most we dropped him. Wide receiver has been a concern all season (Marvin Jones, E. Sanders, Anderson were opening day starters with Edelman suspended), but it all worked out in the end when we picked up Anderson off waivers 3 weeks ago. Nice redemption for him!



Of those we didn't draft include Succop, Zuerlein (cut after injured), Tenneessee D, and J. Williams. Overall, a set and forget lineup boosted by tight end play (Kelce 3rd round, Kittle 9th).


Sorry for rambling, but I'm super pumped!

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2017: family league 1st/12. friends league tied in championship but lost the tie breaker (moral win)


2018: lost family, lost friends, won new work league.


i'll take b2b champs in fantasy football champ. thanks guys for the laughs, analysis, and great insight.


catch me in the basketball forums now. 

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Didn’t win anything as I missed the playoffs. But I was tied for the lead in All Play win percentage (71%) and PPG (112 PPG....0.25 ppr) with one other team. 


Me and that other team both scored 108.80 points. 


What absolutely sealed my fate this season was 2 fold. a lack of patience in my players (Carson, Henry, CMAC) and last minute roster changes. 

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My opponent had Gurley and picked up his handcuff Kelly once Brown went down, yet I beat him to the punch and picked up CJ.  


While I wasn't brave enough to start CJ (started Ingram instead for safety purposes), my opponent was forced to start Kelly once Gurley was ruled out.


Kelly scored 5.90 for him.  CJ would've gotten him (or me) 23.20.  A 17.3 point differential.  I won my matchup by +10.72 points. 


A successful block on my part and darn proud of it!

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Standard (12 team):

Finished top of regular season (11-3) with highest season point total in the league's 5 year history (2 years in a row, surpassing my previous record). Also had the highest single week total in league history. Lost the championship game by 9 points.


Half-PPR (12 team):

Finished 3rd (8-5) after post draft projection of 12th (3-10). Lost in first round, won consolation to finish 5th overall.


PPR (14 team superflex IDP):

Won division (9-4) with highest season point total in the entire league. Lost the championship game by 15 points. The stinker from Philip Rivers really cost me here, but it is what it is.


Despite no championship this year, overall i'm happy with how i did especially as this was my first year managing more than one team and playing with IDPs.

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19 minutes ago, Coprolagnia said:

Spent a grand total of $5 on running backs in my yahoo auction league. #1 in the regular season but only got 2nd in the playoffs. Still won some money though.

Who were your backs/WRs?



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