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any cheap yahoo leagues drafting tonight?

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I have two leagues up and running and we are trying to draft ASAP, once all members have joined and all payments have been made in league safe we will be ready to draft at 10:00 PM & 10:30 PM tonight! The snake draft will be at 10:00 pm and the Auction draft will be at 10:30 PM.
The two leagues are a 12 team snake draft and a 12 team auction draft, the drafts will each take place today. The buy in is $100 for payouts please see below. The rules are standard PPR, if you're interested please reply to me at cabbymbentley@yahoo.com so that I can invite you to the ESPN league and leaguesafe. The top four teams of each division will go into the playoffs and weeks 14-15-16 will be the playoff games with week 16 being the championship
The payout schedule for each of these leagues will be:
Playoff winner - $500
Playoff Runner up - $375
Higher scorer for each week between weeks 1-13 - $25
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