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Pre-season Trade Offer (WHIR)

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I was offered a trade today in one of my leagues. Wondering what people think and what I could do to make this deal better if you don't like it as is.


Give: Burton, C. Davis, K. Johnson


Get: Ertz, Woods, A. Jones


I do like Burton a lot so I'm thinking that it may not be worth selling solid depth and upside for a moderate upgrade at TE.


10 team Yahoo 0.5 PPR standard

My team:

QB Brees

WR Adams

WR Evans

RB Gurley

RB Mixon

TE Burton

FLEX D. Thomas

BE (x6) Collins, C. Davis, Crowder, K. Johnson, Hyde, Carson


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8 minutes ago, bullman64 said:

I think you are leaning the right way. Jones is interesting, but I like your upside on the other 2. 



Agree with this.  Jones isn’t going to help you immediately if ever.   And it’s not unreasonable to think Burton will out score Ertz.   Davis has top 12 is upside.   I’d at least let some games go by and see if Davis and Johnson can increase their trade value.   

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