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ESPN standard scoring drafting 6pm today! $25 entry

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7 minutes ago, justinrb04 said:

How will you insure everyone will pay in time?


i'll keep asking and if people are taking a bit too long i'll send a warning that they might lose their place, and if they still don't pay someone else will take their place. Worst case scenario and if everyone hasn't paid then i'll refund everyone, but it really shouldn't come to that! 


if you have any other ideas though let me know!

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6 minutes ago, justinrb04 said:

I’m paid how many do we have paid at this point

thanks Justin.

we have a full 12 league invites sent, 9 accepted, 5 paid....


please join and pay ASAP people, from 5.15 your time (so 10 minutes) i'll start replacing invites with people willing to pay straight away

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2 minutes ago, justinrb04 said:

How about a few more options like 1st 225 2nd 50 3rd 25

sorry but the first two replies to the potential change said something along the lines of being fine with top 2 spots receiving something, which i take as implying that they're not keen on top 3, and now they've paid i don't want to change it. hope that's okay

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