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ESPN standard scoring drafting 6pm today! $25 entry

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okay it's winner takes all as someone has just voted for that. Sorr

3 minutes ago, DanH said:



im in as long as draft date or time doesn’t change. What are the payouts?

cool, invites sent. I'm doing everything i can to make sure we draft in 90 minutes! we just did a poll and because it wasn't unanimous it's going to stay as winner takes all

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Couple quick questions 


any chance of making 6 teams make the playoffs with 2 byes and have the season end week 16 (hate to have week 17 count)


also any any chance of making waivers rolling


im 100% in and paid immediately if those 2 changes are made. If not nbd

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okay Dan i'll promise to make those changes because i really can't see anyone objecting to those two points, they sounds reasonable. i hate week 17 too. As commish i'll pull rank because right now it's either that or no league. please join and i promise to make those changes to the league settings asap

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