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Keeper deadline tonight: OBJ, Mel Gordon, Wentz? WHIR

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12 team .25pt PPR league. QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLX (RB,WR,TE) DST, K, BE x7. We keep players at their original round draft price.

Candidates                          Could also consider.

OBJ for 1st rd                     D. Adams for 5th rd

M. Gordon for 2nd rd         Diggs for 7th rd

Wentz for 14th rd


Right now I'm leaning towards keeping Gordon for the fact he plays a premium position and getting him at 15th overall give me some value (some mocks have him 8th OVR). I do however worry about inefficiency and risk of injury to RBs in general (burned by DJ last yr), plus Ekeler might take some volume.


OBJ is best WR of the bunch but 1st rd is a lot of capital compared to Adams/Diggs who are not on OBJ level  BUT I could keep them for a 5th/7th rd pick which is much better "value" relative to their current ADP.


Wentz is clearly the best "value" for a 14th rd pk based on ADP. Seems like a no-brainer but injury and potential loss of Alshon concern me some. 


My first round pick is 10th this yr so much if not all of the top-tier RB talent is likely to be gone by the time I pick. Would rather take the best RB at 10th and already have Gordon at 15th and then go WR/WR at 3/4 swing. 


Am I overthinking this? Just go with best "value" in Wentz, the best talent in OBJ, or the premium position RB in Gordon? Thanks.

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Adams for the 5th for me.  At 10 (assuming a snake draft) you will have a quick turn pick so you can start with a nice sqaud.  OBJ will be taken early, but if its only one keeper there will be great talent available.  You may even get Gordon at 10.  Do you know if anyone in front of you is keeping a first?


Consider that off just what you posted OBJ and Gordon would go back into the pool.  Add in Saquon and thats 3 players available.


Players like CMC, Howard, AJ Green, may be there. And if a handful of people keep players before you (assume AB, Gurley, DJ, Bell, Zeke, Hopkins?)  Then the reality is you get a great first pick, you get adams and then you get the turn pick back you'll have 3 studs before the people in the first pick their second.


Just my thoughts, good luck!

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Low on Wentz compared to others so I would not be keeping him.  I would go with Adams or Diggs since you would be keeping OBJ and Gordon at around the value they are being drafted at.  

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Thanks for the information 


To clarify

12 team .25 PPR Snake


1 yr 1 keeper league so keepers from last yr go back into the pool (zeke, DJ, LeVeon, D Freeman, Evans, Brandon Cooks, Ajayi, Julio, Jordy) 2 teams had no keeper


Dont know the other keepers but the candidates for other teams are...


AB for 1st rd or Fournette for 2nd rd

Gurley for 2nd rd

Hunt for 4th rd

Hopkins for 2nd rd or D. Henry for 10th rd

Michael Thomas for 2nd rd

CMC or Dalvin Cook for 4th rd

Keenan Allen for 3rd rd

Kamara for 15th rd

McCoy for 2nd or Ja Williams for 13th rd

Mixon for 3rd

Gronk for 2nd


Thanks Again


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I would pull the default rankings from some place like fantasy pros, then scratch out all the first rounders that will be gone before your first pick and how many of those were keepers.   There is little sense in saving 'value' if it means you end up with a team of mediocre guys.  OTOH, if you think say Julio Jones will be there on your first pick, then I would keep Gordon.



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