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Wendell Carter Jr. 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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Shout out to my man @PuzzBeterson2 he called this and he's the reason I have wendell! Trust this guy. He knows his $hit! 

If his shot was falling youd all be gagging over his start to the season. Chill tf out and watch him work it out and reward you.

He’s on waivers for a few days now.   I tried adding and dropping players (Portis for Zo, Zo for LeVert, LeVert for SloMo, etc) to flood the Yahoo transaction list and push WCJ out of the re

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I didn't watch the game but it looks like he was only given 13 minutes.  Was he playing that badly to at least not be given time on the court to, well...play and develop?  Seems like this kind of the game is the epitome of a time when you keep your prized rookie out there.  13 minutes or not, that line is dreadful, but I still don't get the 13 minutes.  But again, I wasn't watching.

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27 minutes ago, Eleqtrique said:

Boylen is a joke... No reason to play your rookie 13 minutes in a blowout game when  your season objective is to develop the young guys. 


I know right, Boylen is a dim wit along with Larry Drew of the Cavs. How tf do these idiots have HC positions , astounds me. Blowout no blowout play your god damn rookies 36+ mins a game, if your not a contending team. Somebody shed some light on the situation, was it foul trouble, not playing defense, finding Wendell butt naked with his wife last night in the jacuzzi ... What , jesus christ. Theres literally no excuse , Portis is injured & all RoLo can do is fight team mascots. 

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Jim Boylen said that he doesn't have a set amount of minutes reserved for Wendell Carter Jr. each game, rather he goes by a "gut feel."


I guess that means sometimes he forget he feels. 42 minutes GO WCJ!!!

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3 minutes ago, buckets88 said:

Portis or Parker is the add here?


Parker might see more minutes and perfect timing leading up to the trade deadline.

IDK, but hopefully Parker. If WCJ goes down, I'm hoping they will keep Portis in his current role (main backup for PF and C) and start Parker and Markkanen at PF/C, respectively. No reason to believe this except that I own both and I think Parker might open things up for Markkanen. Bulls suck anyways, might as well make it fun for fans by just trying to score a ton of points.

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If it’s the worst case of about 6 weeks, he’ll be back just in time for the playoffs. Obviously he won’t be in true game shape and who knows if the Bulls would even bring him back in a lost season. IL him if you can of course, but even then it may be a lost cause for the playoffs. Hope I’m wrong though cause I saw him as a true second half breakout. 

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