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Wendell Carter Jr. 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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2 hours ago, jeffr913 said:

well looks like he is going for surgery Monday. Are we safe to drop???


Dropped when I saw that surgery with a recovery time of 8-12 weeks was recommended, it’s not like the Bulls are competitive enough to push for a playoff spot so him playing is senseless. He could play a few games come playoff time, but I can’t afford to hold deadweight without an IL.


41 minutes ago, hipriest69 said:

Whats everyone's thoughts on him for next year?  Top 50 seems a long way away, can't trust organization / coaching, etc.  


I wouldn’t select him with one of my first 5 picks, especially if Boylen is still the coach (which he probably won’t be). I would probably grab him around round 7-9 as he has a reasonable chance to still be there with his value deflated post hoiberg + the injury. He doesnt carry any of the counting stats or anchor fg and ft either (i play h2h 9 cat)

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Shout out to my man @PuzzBeterson2 he called this and he's the reason I have wendell! Trust this guy. He knows his $hit! 

If his shot was falling youd all be gagging over his start to the season. Chill tf out and watch him work it out and reward you.

He’s on waivers for a few days now.   I tried adding and dropping players (Portis for Zo, Zo for LeVert, LeVert for SloMo, etc) to flood the Yahoo transaction list and push WCJ out of the re

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