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2018 Streaming Defense Thread

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Me me me! My first FA add before week 1 when the Mack news hit.   

PSA For potential Oakland streamers:   Uh, it never works out. -void of defensive talent -on the road -team fractured -SF, above all, has had great coaching. Their team c

Cheers to whoever else grabbed the Bears D! Let's ride this train!!

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Drafted the Chargers and was willing to roll them out there against KC in Mahomes' first (real, non-week-17) NFL start, but now with the news that Bosa is out for the game and possibly more, are they worth starting? Or even holding onto in favor of a streamer?

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13 hours ago, Kilwavz said:

If available in your league, I would go with:

Packers (vs Bears)

Lions (vs Jets)

Titans (vs Dolphins)


Packers, Lions, Titans & Patriots are all available in my league. I'm not bothered because I have Ravens D, but some other owners definitely have more questionable picks, I'm surprised none of the last 3 have been picked up for week 1.

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3 minutes ago, stay_woke said:

Have chargers d but getting a little cold feet with the bosa injury. Panthers, bengals, titans, and cardinals on the wire. Worth picking one up? I have an open roster spot


Some say TENN is a good D this year. I don’t know though, haven’t researched them.

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17 minutes ago, ywallet said:


Bump, anyone? Bad idea to start Houston against Pats?

Id say yes bad idea but unless you are ok burning a waiver to get back or if theres something way better on the wire id consider holding them.

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5 minutes ago, mi26 said:

Please rank defenses for week 1 and potentially ROS

Carolina vs Dallas


Pittsburgh @ Cleveland

NE vs Houston

GB vs Chicago

Cincinnati @ IND

Denver vs Seattle











Patriots for ROS.

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34 minutes ago, SteelersScotty said:

Would it be crazy to drop Chris Boswell and quickly pick up another kicker for today?


I like Boz over the course of the season, but I don't know how many long FG attempts he will have today in a hurricane.

Its not a Hurricane.  Its barely raining.

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As far as looking at some of the streamers for this week and planning ahead for next week, do yall agree that the Steelers are probably the best?


Next week:

Steelers vs Chiefs

Packers vs Vikings

Patriots @ Jaguars

Titans vs Texans

Lions @ 49ers

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