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2018 Streaming Defense Thread


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Getting ready for playoff in week 14-16. Current have both Chicago and Baltimore .


should I drop Baltimore (@kc,tb,@lac) for Detroit  (@ari,@buf,min),

Jacksonville  (@ten,was,@mia) or Washington (nyg,@jax,@ten)? Thanks

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On 12/1/2018 at 7:53 AM, CraftyRighty said:

Week 14


Saints D vs Tamps

Steelers D vs Raiders

Chargers D vs Bengals

Patriots D vs Seahawks


Chargers or Steelers. Toss up for me between this two.


Do you like the Bills at home vs Jets better than the Steelers for Week 14?


My two stash choices are:


Steelers @ Raiders

Bills v. Jets


Bills destroyed the Jets in NY a few weeks ago.

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14 minutes ago, Silkk1211 said:

Ive got Buffalo vs Jets and Den @ SF on my team already. Should I roll with one of those or try and grab Charger vs Cinci or Jags @ Tenn on TNF?


I think you are splitting hairs with all of them other than the Jags. I am guessing Bills, Broncos, Chargers, Steelers, Saints, and Giants will be top defenses going into Week 14.


I guess Id go Chargers, Bills, Broncos if I had to pick tho.

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11 minutes ago, pdog109 said:

TEN defense vs Jax on Thursday night.

Feel better about them than bears vs rams, bears defense trash vs giants they'll do worse vs rams


I was thinking about playing the other team D for this match up lol


Maybe Thur game might be a trap - whats everyone think Jax vs Tenn team defenses this week?  I know Kessler isn't a world beater but Mariota can be awful at times. 

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Very curious to see what CHI owners are doing this week.....in leagues where you are heavily penalized for points and yards allowed, I just dont see how you can throw them out there hoping for sacks and turnovers.   That said, in leagues where the wire is slim pickens, you probably have to hold your breath and hope for the best.



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