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2018 Streaming Defense Thread


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On 18/12/2018 at 9:25 PM, Sartorialism said:

Despite my reservations about their turnover ability, i'm currently rolling with the Titans.


There''s a good possibility the Panthers shutdown Cam Newton for the season in which case the Falcons would become a great option again, going up against Taylor Heinicke. I might keep them rostered just in case.


Cam is out. Now to decide whether the upside of the Falcons against a young QB who's barely thrown an NFL pass is worth it.

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4 hours ago, Sp0ke said:

Falcons , Miami or Colts ??

Falcons is the gamble, Colts is the safe option. I know Jags have been poor on offence but they have the ability to run through teams. So I'd leave it between Colts or Falcons. I'd be leaning towards the safer option of Colts personally. Falcons has the potential big upside though facing a young inexperienced QB.

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I'm really struggling this week trying to settle on my defense....


Currently have the Texans.  They've been pretty good this year but almost all of their big games have come against bad teams or poor offensive teams.  Not sure I really trust them on the road at Philly.


Have eyes on the Broncos, Dolphins, Cowboys, Falcons and not sure which way I want to go.


The Broncos have a good matchup....But they're on the road and I'm s little gunshy picking on the Raiders again after they burned me in Week 14 when I had the Steelers.


The Dolphins also have a good matchup against the Jags.  But the Dolphins are near the bottom of the league in sacks and really haven't been a very good fantasy defense outside of 2 Jets games.


The Cowboys seem to have a decent matchup with a turnover prone Bucs offense.  However, Tampa can put up points and yards and my league figures both those things into scoring.  And as a Cowboys fan, they hardly ever seem to get many turnovers or score defensive/ST touchdowns.  I'm just not sure they have that high of a ceiling in this game.


Falcons....I don't know.  Yeah, it's an unknown QB.  But they're on the road and gotta think the Panthers just mostly run the ball and dump off to CM like they've been doing.


What are people feeling confident with for Week 16?


I think I'm kinda leaning toward the Dolphins or Broncos.  And really might be leaning Dolphins just because that should be a fairly ugly, low scoring game.  And kinda like that the Dolphins are at home after just getting blown out on the road last week.  Gotta think they have a better showing.

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Failcons have actually been getting after the QB real well lately. Dialing up creative blitzes, etc. I don't love them outside of the dome too much, but I am guessing they will continue to roll against a dude making his first start...also CMC might have his insane workload really scaled back too?

People are looking past Saints too. Back in the dome and they have been playing some great D for 2 months. Yeah Pit has weapons, but BigBen on the road is always prone to mistakes and esp turnovers. Saints know they win and they lock up #1 seed too, get some nice rest before playoffs.

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On ‎12‎/‎19‎/‎2018 at 6:18 AM, RogerGoodell said:

Anyone like the jaguars this week against the dolphins?

I actually prefer the Dolphins D in this game.

On ‎12‎/‎19‎/‎2018 at 7:22 AM, squidthunder said:

Fellas - Browns or Dallas this week?


Currently have Browns, but I feel like the Cowboys are going to give Jameis some trouble

Tampa hasn't given up nearly as much to defenses recently, and as good as Dallas's D has looked lately (minus last week), they don't put up points.

14 hours ago, Sp0ke said:

Falcons , Miami or Colts ??

Falcons never seem to put up points (minus last week against an abysmal Cards team), especially on the road. Miami generally puts up points at home, they're getting their top CB and pro-bowler back, and the Jags offense is terrible. As is the Giants offense, especially without OBJ. Colts are very tempting this week.

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8 hours ago, Ticklefight said:

I'm torn between MIA and DEN right now again, leaning towards DEN


Debating those two also.


I'm kinda leaning Miami mostly because they're at home and because the Jags have just been so terrible.  I mean, look at points allowed to fantasy defenses....Especially since Kessler took over.  And sounds like Miami is getting Howard back this week which could help too.  


I think what's also impacting me is that I streamed Pitt against the Raiders in Week 14 and it blew up in my face.


I've been going back and forth on Denver, Miami and Dallas the past few days.....can find positives and negatives for every one. 

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