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Nikola Jokic 2018-19 Season Outlook

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15 hours ago, richg24 said:

You are more likely to have the "headache" during h2h playoff time when KD rests or is "injured." KD also been eating like this with Curry out, he always does that when Curry is out. When Curry is back his lines can be pretty tame and boring a lot of the time. 


Also, Jokic has not been bad, just points have been weak and fg% below normal. He's still ranked top 15 overall and been slumping all of november really, this is his floor essentially. I don't think Denver will have such an easy ride the whole way as they are right now, and Jokic will be forced to assert himself more and the monster lines will pour in. 


On ya mate

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There’s more to it than this, that’s a very simplified way of looking at this I don’t think you can compare Cousins or Love to Jokic for many reasons, but the biggest difference is the efficiency. I d

sad he delivered this gem and i may still lose due to less games played in a tight matchup   anyways...  

Very much like him to be thrown out of the game for a temper tantrum. Frustrating player to own. No wonder I gave him a nickname last year - "Fat f---".

I have Jokic and I was wondering if any of you are looking to trade him. I'm trying to wait for him to start going off before I trade him. I was hoping to move him for an Embiid + 1, but with how well Embiid has been and Jokic not playing to his limit, I feel as if that might not fly

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5 hours ago, sham242 said:

Milsap and Gary Harris out. He should start to trend back to last year’s stats and consistency. I hope...

What annoys me is that he's the alpha dog on this team. His usage shouldn't have to be dependant on other players - he should always be eating first, everyone else second. 

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