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Cedi Osman 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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23 minutes ago, panthers93 said:

he can't be sold. drop him if you can find someone that can do what cedi can do on your wire


but you can't

Made the move to drop before the Love news to get Bazemore (and stock up my IR) after his big game... didn't know who else I could move. Trying to 2 for 1 trade in order to open a roster spot and see if I can get him back but its unlikely :(

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This guy is great for a punt FG/FT/STL/BLK/TO Build

Im done

He's already got my social security number and is babysitting 3 of my kids. 

Getting some other stats.

FG% is disappointing but Cavs have no one and not having love around to help space the floor probably isn’t making it easy


I don’t think the Cavs have anyone to replace him with. He’s going to get some more run and hopefully he figures this thing out

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Suspect he comes back around sometime this year, but he's not doing too swell the last few. Young guy who'd not had many opportunities but plenty of promise, pops out with some success, probably gets gameplanned by the other teams as one of the only guys on his team who can do anything, and suddenly he isn't so hot a fantasy prospect. It's probably more a question of "when" than "if" he figures it out. Whether I can wait for that is another question.

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8 minutes ago, aijuswanaseing said:

This guy and Irving compete on a nightly basis for who can hurt my team's fg% more. Wish I sold high.


On the same boat but with Schroder + Cedi. His TO are also deadly to my team 


I'm riding the wave another 2 weeks but im jumping overboard if this continues



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Usually as long as the minutes are there I'll hold a guy like this but FFS make some shots dude.  Catch the ball when wide open as well please.


and moron nance jr blows the assist for him.  When it rains it pours sometimes.

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