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Mitchell Robinson 2018-19 Season Outlook


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54 minutes ago, bhkim814 said:

two immediate idiotic fouls. this guy...

Looks like he might sit the rest of the game, brutal. Might have to drop him if Fizdale continues to give him the rookie treatment. They're not going to win many games with Kanter defending Vucevic for 30 minutes.

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On 10/31/2018 at 12:48 PM, GJDHouse said:


Define a while....it all depends on minutes.  If he continues to start and receive 12-20 minutes a game, eventually the game flow is going to dictate that he receive a full share of minutes (30+).  Knicks might be blown out and Fisdale just decides to leave him in there to learn.  With a big minutes load anything can happen with a player as athletic as him. I think he proved that in summer league.  It wouldn't shock me in the least to see him with a 6 or 7 block game at some point this year.  


I think everyone (with a basketball brain) knows that Robinson isn't going to consistently give any real production this year.  He is a bench stash for when the Knicks go full tank mode in the 2nd half.  But in the meantime it is my best estimate that Robinson will give some fun stat lines (and a majority of stinkers).  I have a really good eye for basketball talent, and Robinson can do some pretty amazing things.  


Basketball, more than any other fantasy sport, rewards speculation.  There are so many Thaddeus Youngs, Marvin Williams, etc... out there that can give you some boring stats, but it is the owners that double down on 12 and hit that win leagues.  Upside is everything in fantasy basketball.  Mitchell has it in bunches, but he is most likely at least a year away from being a valuable weekly asset.  That doesn't mean that he won't have a stretch of really useful stats for teams.



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