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Mitchell Robinson 2018-19 Season Outlook


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Seriously if Jordan and Wes are even allowed to step on the court in MSG its a travesty. If they help the Knicks win games it's just egregious in every way. If getting Zion is f ed up now lord help me. Anything else but mentoring the young guys without playing a minute in a single game is criminal. 

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11 hours ago, Raiiny said:

I dropped for Noel since they produce similar stats, with Noel getting less blocks but better ft%. I already know Deandre gonna start getting 30+ minutes, then there's Vonley and also Kornet coming back soon. 

are you sure deandre even gets 30 minutes, im more concered as a DJ owner lol... 

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1 hour ago, fabrar said:

So with Jordan staying for the remainder of the year, does this make Mitch a drop candidate? His minutes were already really shaky.



I don't think he is a drop candidate. I think Mitch is a hold.


A few scenarios can happen here:

1) DJ traded by Feb 7

2) DJ bought out by March 1

3) DJ sits

4) DJ plays


Three of those are good. One of those is bad. First, we have to realize we are trying to understand the thinking of the Knicks front office, not Fiz. The deal had everything to do with cap space, and the front office wasn't looking for talent. They were thrilled to get rid of Lee's and THJ's contracts, and position for the big free agent circus of the summer.


They may have another deal coming, given the Kanter situation. 


Odds of them keeping DJ, and playing him, should be less than 25%. But all this is pure speculation.


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2 hours ago, Bjames3 said:

Robinson had a great line last night. Maybe it’s a sign of good things to come even with DeAndre. 13 and 10rbs and 2blks in 23min. 


The Knicks and Fiz will find a way to screw this up .... as they always do...


DeAndre fouling out was a major reason for robinson's great line.


If he only keeps his blocks around 2 per game i'm happy. With Jordan around he is only a fantasy playoff streaming option at best....

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