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Mitchell Robinson 2018-19 Season Outlook

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9 minutes ago, j3rkthenurk said:


He doesn't need to start if he is getting a decent run. It's all about productivity and usage, not whether he starts or not.

Never said he needed to start or that he wasn't productive with the minutes he gets. But his usage is definitely questionable. Fitz does not put him in the position to succeed on a game by game basis.

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The whole game is garbage time 

Zero is usually my limit for Knicks

How is MR inconsistent? He consistently brings stocks and he is consistently lacking in all other areas so far. 

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37 minutes ago, Del Rio said:

+1 to the dude who said MitchRob reminded him of a young Gobert a while back. I was getting those vibes myself


He really doesn’t play like Gobert though. Gobert is a lumbering giant. Mr. Robinson plays like a more athletic Marcus Camby. That is a scary thought for the teams that passed on him (which is everyone in the league). 

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1 hour ago, m1dday said:

Mitchell "The Stock Market" Robinson 😍

AD who?

Had a leaguemate text me how he regretted not picking up Robinson. Dam it feels good to be a gangsta

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Oh my! What do we have here?! 

The Marcus Camby Comparison seems spot on. Wouldn't be surprised if this cat starts averaging 4.5 blks next season.

Got him a while back in 2 of my teams, with absolutely low expectations, and now this, WOW!

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4 hours ago, nlm said:

Double-double with 12-10, 3 steals, and 5 blocks. 0 turnovers.


He is definitely going to help win some championships, at this rate.

I'm 2nd in blocks because of him. Before that, I had Ayton  ... so ew.

Hopefully DJ is having fun sitting on the bench. I watched the Knicks/Spurs game the other night & he seemed to be enjoying watching M-Rob doing work. A true vet.

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Damn. My MRob became Isaac and that would be ok if Isaac didn't turn into Tyreke Evans in my redraft league..At least I have him in a dynasty league and there he can be pure gold. He can literally win you one category on his own while his fg% boost is incredible as well.

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