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Caris LeVert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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i dont give a f--- about me having him on my roster and losing him for the season, this is really awful, the best player on the team goes down like that, dude was really killing it and is a breakout s

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4 hours ago, RCRanger03 said:

If it's someone starting slow (people get jumpy) or a 2 for 1 where someone believes the hype in LaVert maybe even moreso than I do. Crazier things have happened, and sometimes you gotta shoot your shot. Like I said I'm cool with getting rejected and riding with LaVert who I believed enough to draft, I just don't like lateral moves personally.


Also SO WHAT if someone did want that, everyone needs to STOP IT with saying in so many words "your league is s---y, my league is awesome and I'm better than you because of this" Not everyone who plays fantasy basketball spends all day in forums and checking the Rotoworld updates, and if you do THAT'S COOL TOO (I'm in the later group myself) It's totally cool you can disagree 110% with an opinion I have or anyone else has (I love hearty debate), but you can also do it WITHOUT denegrating other people and the people they play fantasy with.


Wtf, man.


this is insanely defensive.


you were handing out advice as an absolute.


it wasn't the sort of advice that qualified to be an absolute.


my post has zero to do with your defensive trigger -- and 100% to do with the fact that TWO awesome games from LeVert is unlikely to yield anything worthwhile that fit your description.


god, a whole paragraph dedicated to how you feel denegrated. 

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1 minute ago, Boogie Buckets said:

Dlo is becoming an afterthought.


LeVert might legit win Most Improved, what a monster

LeVert is by far the best player on the team but Dlo played really well and got hot in the 4th quarter as well. i also thought his D and passing were pretty good overall. he was shooting poorly early tho. 

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