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Steven Adams 2018-2019 Fantasy Outlook

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I don't know what league you are playing? $1 admas,$5 bledsoe,what a joke,even in public league they won't go that cheap

Severity: matchup SUNS

s---... it happens again. When the f--- can my team be ever fully healthy?    It makes me want to punch the wall when the opponent i go against every ******** week is a full healthy team. f-

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Maybe fatigue along with the huge usage of Westbrook/George. I wouldn't worry and Adams was never meant to be an eye popping Pts or Rebounds monster. He does a little bit of everything and fits my build perfectly. I see him reverting back to his season averages after the ASB. Can't believe 1% dropped him today, crazy...

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On 1/17/2019 at 11:37 AM, bygbukfan07 said:

should i trade my tj warren for him? Im punting FT, 3s


ac forum bruh. but to answer your question, yep. i would trade for aquaman if you're punting ft and 3s.

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2 minutes ago, kane said:

The Aquaman is playing extremely poor recently

Carrying some sort of a knock/injury perhaps? These are some mystical a** lines he's been posting. Although were that the case, it'd beg the question as to why is he playing. Strange stuff one way or another.

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