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Otto Porter 2018-2019 Season outlook

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> not specific to your team > lists entire team and goes into depth about team   Take your dumb a** to the AC forum.

Those team-specific questions don't belong in here.

That is exactly what doesn't belong here. Questions specific to your team and team build belong in the AC thread once you meet the parameters: http://forums.rotoworld.com/forum/20-assistant-coach

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19 minutes ago, Tyboogie said:

I wanna buy low but this dude price tag is still high for some owner. That playoff schedule is definitely nice


may i know at what value you're targeting for him? i'm also trying to get him hehehe

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12 minutes ago, WhatIsThisWizardry said:

considering he is dealing with an accute injury which will sideline him for a week or two and when healthy gives up top 40 value... is not worth DLO lol

and bkn has a s--- playoff schedule and wizards have the best...

Bro there is nothing cute about Otto's injury.  

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7 minutes ago, JamsKigoL said:

so you think he's worth more than before the Ariza trade once he gets back?

ariza has less usage than oubre. id say overall its pretty neutral / slightly positive for otto. also check out otto's 3pt shooting this year, down from his last 2 years meaning there shud still be some upside. 

I certainly dont think hes worth less

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