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Otto Porter 2018-2019 Season outlook

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11 minutes ago, ellejamil said:

Another trade from another league just went through for me, this time it's more expensive with Gordon Hayward

Do we think this is a good trade? I've got otto and have been tossing up this trade for the past week. Just can't figure out who will win out of it. 

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> not specific to your team > lists entire team and goes into depth about team   Take your dumb a** to the AC forum.

Those team-specific questions don't belong in here.

That is exactly what doesn't belong here. Questions specific to your team and team build belong in the AC thread once you meet the parameters: http://forums.rotoworld.com/forum/20-assistant-coach

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38 minutes ago, Rook said:

Do we think this is a good trade? I've got otto and have been tossing up this trade for the past week. Just can't figure out who will win out of it. 

It's definitely not the best. For me it's more of a lateral movement stat-wise while derisking from a stocked Boston wing rotation. There's a slight uptick in fg% and blocks, which I could definitely use, but Im about to lose scoring, w/c was okay with me because I have the best projected score by a mile and I don't think I'm giving up that much scoring in the first place. I expect a ceiling of 17ppg for Hayward, while otto can go for 14-15.

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8 hours ago, ellejamil said:

Who do you think is easier to ship out? Otto or Beal?


I don't see them moving Wall / Beal by any means.  Wall is the face of the franchise and Beal is still so young, and getting better and better every season.  He's shaken off that injury prone tag and become a top 25 player in the league.  They have one of the very best guard combo's in basketball with these two. If they HAD to move one of these two I'd suspect Wall.  They'd gain a major piece in return, plus Beal is younger and could flash even more ability if he were running the offense more.


As far as Otto goes, I think a move could possibly come.  Both Wall, and Beal have a problem with him.  Maybe now that Otto has the big paycheck, he's demanding to be featured more heavily in the offense.  It makes sense, seeing their coach even voiced this strategy in the off season.  Problem is, the Wizards "suck" and this team is a far too talented roster to be losing games like this.  I'd expect Otto Porter to be quietly shopped around.  The Nets were super high on him this off season, offering him that big contract that Washington was forced to match to retain him.  I'm not sure what the Wiz could receive in return, maybe Crabbe and Rondae Hollis Jefferson. Crabbe makes big boy money, too.  I do think Kelly Oubre could step into Otto's spot in the starting line up, play with more passion / grit, and definitely not complain about shot attempts.  Oubre would be so happy for the opportunity, that he'd be all in every minute of every game.


A line up of:


PG: John Wall

SG: Bradley Beal

SF: Kelly Oubre

PF: Markieff Morris

C: Dwight Howard


with Crabbe and RHJ coming off the bench,, that could be what this team needs to shake things up and reduce the tension in the locker room.  I'm really high on Oubre's potential to be a real life show-time,  ticket seller like Odell Beckham and a fantasy asset, which means I'm avoiding Otto until the Wizards figure out how to fix this mess.  The last thing the front office wants is for Wall or Beal, or both to publicly demand a trade.  If it did happen though, and Wall got moved somehow, I think Beal would become a monster fantasy asset,,  running the offense more and getting more shot attempts. 


I'm definitely looking a few steps ahead, right now though so I'll patiently wait to see how ugly this gets as the losses stack up.

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4 minutes ago, Jake the snake said:




Good point.  Wall is not efficient enough to be considered one of the best PG's in the league.  Beal, on the other hand, could be even better if the right opportunity was in front of him.  


The 2 have a skewed reality of how good they actually are together, and more so,  Wall as an individual.  They could spread the ball around more as a team and be winning more games IMO.  

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The problem is that any logical coach looking at Porter being one of the most efficient players in the league and Wall not being very efficient at all would look for more touches for Porter.  The only problem is that now Wall is going to feel challenged.  If he’s mature and a team player he will do whatever it takes to win. But every indication is that Wall isn’t that.  He’d rather keep jacking up two pointers at a 42% clip.  If you count his 3 TO per game he’s only scoring 16 points per 20 possessions which is horrible.  You can’t win games with your star shooting so poorly at such high volume.  Ofc the fans will take Wall’s side and probably the management too bc he’s the face of the franchise.  If it were me I would move Wall quickly bc I wouldn’t abide a so-called leader who doesn’t want to get with the program.  The problem is that Wall and Beal sale tickets and jerseys while Porter doesn’t.  This wizards team isn’t making a deep playoff run anyway so why not focus on what’s selling your tickets?  As unjust as it is, Porter is likely going to be the victim of this either by being marginalized by his teammates or by being traded.  

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For buyers out there, it seems like Porter is the easiest buy; a plug-and-play guy, does fundamental things well on both ends, good teammate, and an in-demand commodity in the modern NBA. I see him getting traded to a contender. Beal is the easier sell to teams looking for a franchise player. It's so hard for me to envision Wall getting traded.

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7 minutes ago, SolariNatividad said:

Body language not good.. Granted I was only able to watch the 4th, Wall and Beal not even looking at his direction when they drive to the basket..

Damn man.


Well this line is better than many of the previous so....something to build off?


Trade Beal I say, dude would fetch a nice return.


Also Brooks is apparently not in the hot seat...hopefully this game changes that....

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