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Josh Richardson 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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3 hours ago, JettNS said:

He needs to bring the cornrows back. That's what is messing with him. Too loose out there

The cornrows are dope haha. I think they're what powers all the premier two way guys in the league. Cause kawhi has them too :lol:

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Back for more Jrich this year! I prematurely dropped him last year, along with Donovan Mitchell (I know). Im holding on this year, for sure. 

Man I'm so bummed right now. J-Rich played that PG position whole season and didn't get no love from ESPN. Winslow transitions from SF/PF to PG for few games lately... BOOM! He got the PG. Not fair at all.

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What, ya'll didn't see this? - https://theathletic.com/750979/2019/01/05/a-renewed-commitment-to-defense-energizes-heat-guard-josh-richardson/


We don't want PG Josh, we want 3 and D Josh.  This article is the s--- because it shows he's keenly aware of where his numbers are slipping (stocks) and he's trying to fix it...especially since he's not exerting as much energy as a primary ball handler.  The stocks are coming.

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Man I was so high on JRich coming into the season, drafted him around pick #50. 


Traded him + Sabonis away to acquire T Harris, but now I'm thinking of buying low to get him back by sending CJ. Would you guys do this? I still believe that his stocks can come back, and also that his FG% will come back up once Dragic is playing PG again. 

Punting assists, 10team H2H.

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1 hour ago, pushaZ said:

Where ur pride at bro

not trading jrich, i was jus angry when i saw 1/7 in the middle of 2nd quarter.

Was more a fustration vent, but him and derozan single handedly killing me in FG so much im jus gonna bench them and save games

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