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Josh Richardson 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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7 minutes ago, Starvela said:

Want to get excited, but the potential Butler trade is worrying me...I know Heat want Butler badly!! The better Josh does, the more Thibbs gets motivated!! Maybe sell high and not risk it..?  


Riley called Thibs a mother****** and hung up. I don't think the trade discussions are being resurfaced lol. 


We dodged a bullet too. Thibs of all dudes could've fleeced us but he messed up. 

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Not making the same mistake I did last year of dropping him at the beginning of the season. 


"One year ago, Richardson used 17.5 percent of Miami’s offense. That was eighth on the team. Through two games, Richardson has been responsible for a team-leading 25.5 percent of Miami’s possessions while on court, ahead of All-Stars in Dwyane Wade and Goran Dragić."


Richardson has the ball in his hands for key possessions, and taking 21 3s in two games shows confidence in his ability to take those shots. There are a few things to be desired (a couple more boards, assists, and steals... increased efficiency) but overall happy so far that his assertiveness and aggressiveness on offense is pushing his scoring well past his projections.

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4 minutes ago, ssolitare said:

the only thing about Richardson is that he looks so small on the court, he looks tiny. But he's 6'6" with a small frame.

so true - I always think he's 6'3 when watching him then remember he is actually like Kobe's height. 

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I was always blown away at how easy he was to get in the 5th when he put up 3rd round value last year as a young player who has improved every season. Especially as one of the primary PG targets for a punt AST build and just having the positional designation in general. If you assumed any improvement in his game, not sure how you could discount him 2-3 rounds over a potential trade that now seems to be in the rear view mirror. 

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I got him in the 9th round of a competitive league. He was DTD at the time so maybe that's why he slipped through the cracks. Plus ESPN ranks players terribly so shout out to them. This guy is going to break out this season. Steal of the draft by far. 

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