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Shai-Gilgeous Alexander 2018-19 season outlook

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If ESPN can't get this guy a headshot 5 weeks into the season there's no way you're getting another position tag.

It's so easy to spot those who missed out on SGA. 

Look at how he reads the defense. Doesn't rush his shots. Uses his length (7 ft wingspan) and timing to block Middleton and Bledsoe.  This kid doesn't play like a rookie and needs to be rostered in

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29 minutes ago, Jimmy21 said:

Anyone want to make gueses to what number we'll see post all star break for an average?

17, 5, 5?


f u c k me, hold tight. What's that ? !

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My two biggest regrets so far of this young season... dropping Wendell after I drafted him, and trading JV+Siakam for Nurkic. (Don’t worry about all my other moves, I’ve netted AD/Kawhi/Kyrie/Oladipo/Lowry and am feeling good).


I got SGA in a package (Gobert for Capela/Gaz Harris/SGA) because he seemed fun to own, similar to WCJ/Siakam.


So, very much on the SGA train and hoping he’ll crush it :wub:

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5 hours ago, Mad Luke said:

He's a rookie, of course games like this one will happen from time to time. But that starting job and high minutes are all his, nothing to worry about.

This. Stay the course guys. Rookie PGs will always have some duds here and there, but this kid is just too talented to give up on. At the very worst, he's still probably better than most wire players, with more opportunity too

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4 hours ago, Cozie said:

ESPN just added SG to him but still no profile pic...smh

WOW REALLY ? OH BOI I needed this... down to just Gary Harris at SG... after all the trades... 

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Gnashing my teeth a bit so far, although fouls are very much a subjective thing. Reckon a rookie gets the old 'double whistle' treatment earlier in the game much more regularly than a big name player, whom i believe tend to get a better run at things from the refs.

But today's line so far of 2 of 9, 4 pts and a couple of dishes and boards is not the output i had envisioned.

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