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Blockbuster for Gronk, WHIR


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I don't know how many teams are in your league, but I - coming from a 16 team league - can say TEs are extremely valuable this season. I pulled a move to get Ertz because of that. For me there's only three TE you can feel good with thats Gronk, Ertz, Kelce.


So I'm all for this, seeing that you're pretty stacked at WR anyways.


Pull the trigger!





Also getting Dalton is a nice one. He has an easy stretch coming in the next weeks.

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I'd say no because of the superflex. Rough estimates, but I think Cam will likely outscore Dalton by 60-70 points ROS and OBJ will outscore TY by 40-50. While Gronk will should outscore Ebron by 50-60, he'll have to stay healthy to do it, and the odds of him doing that are unfortunately slim. Yet even with a guaranteed healthy Gronk, the points aren't in favor of making this trade. 

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All things being equal, Gronk's probably the most valuable player in the deal. That said, I think you're giving up more TOTAL value than you're receiving. So I'd likely pass. 


Thanks for mine!

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