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TJ Warren 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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I don't think this affects his minutes. But Rivers is trigger happy and Oubre will shoot more than Ariza I think... He is still good, but may shave some scoring out of him.

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Shoutout everyone who voted. He just got PF eligibility in yahoo.

Yes.  I don’t think 20/5 is a fluke as he did that last year.  Everyone expected regression as the forward position is fairly crowded in Phoenix but it’s Ariza who regressed which frankly isn’t surpri

This guy is the cockroach of the fantasy world.  He should be dead but keeps coming back to life.

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2 hours ago, chud12 said:


I have zero idea what your talking about or trying to convay. 

The Suns and Wizards finally managed to do the trade they were trying to do.  They sent Ariza to the Wizards for Oubre and Rivers.


With that said, I'm not quite sure why the person seemed so freaked out.  It's not like the Wizards' roster is so drastically different than last season (Oubre was already there), so it's not like adding Rivers all of a sudden turned a pretty solid player into the 2018 version of Porter.  Also, in all honesty, he's still been decent after a rough start.  His numbers are pretty much in line with his 2016 season.


I'd be surprised if the trade does much to Warren, aside from maybe a slight drop in shots like the person above me said.  He's still the 2nd option on offense when Booker is around, and will still get his minutes since neither of them play PF.

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since he was inserted back into the starting lineup hes averaging 21ppg on more then 50% fg and almost 50% from the three point line...if we dont include those 2 games in which he got ejected in the first half, he averages more then 24ppg...slowly but surely becoming my favorite player

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3 minutes ago, mcflywalker said:

I just got offered DeRozan for him for what it’s worth. If that PO schedule was better than a 3-3-3 I’d value him even higher.

i traded derozan weeks ago for gasol and warren

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22 hours ago, thusanaysayer said:


Im a little nervous about this 3 game winning streak -- watch them reinsert Ryno next game

Like papocrain said, Warren has got his spot all locked up.  The only concern should be him staying on the court the rest of the season.  Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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