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TJ Warren 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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Shoutout everyone who voted. He just got PF eligibility in yahoo.

Yes.  I don’t think 20/5 is a fluke as he did that last year.  Everyone expected regression as the forward position is fairly crowded in Phoenix but it’s Ariza who regressed which frankly isn’t surpri

This guy is the cockroach of the fantasy world.  He should be dead but keeps coming back to life.

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1 minute ago, XOrad10 said:



Third reliable scorer. I would say yes. I’m pretty sure he will retain this starting position. 

Hes an idiot if not. Dude straight up balls and gets buckets. Also, with only a centre bigger than him in the lineup as well, he seems to be getting more rebounds

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You can tell this dude truly put in the work this summer.  The stroke from three and also evident at the free throw line, I know it's a small sample size but if he's provided consistent minutes like this, this dude is gonna break out tho I guess you can argue he broke out last season

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3 minutes ago, ellejamil said:

Am I the only one who finds his lines...empty? Highscoring, efficient, a trickle of rebounds, and that's about it? But I have him in a couple of leagues LOL

Counting stat-wise, it can seem empty. Warren's value rises in punt assist teams though with his efficiency, 15-16 points, couple boards, 1.5 stacks, low TOs. This season he's also raised his 3ptm (1.5) which raises his value more.

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