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Blockbuster trade?


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I tend to avoid early season blockbuster trades because of the uncertainty due to injuries, massive regression, etc. Generally these trades should be done if you’re in danger of missing the playoffs or you’re gearing up for a strong finish and you have valuable assets on the bench. Generally most people are reluctant to part ways with their top picks anyways so oftentimes it can be one sided.


But if you had to go through with it:

Barkley is probably the best player but Gordon’s huge variance is coupled with that. If you can live with Gordon not producing anything for the rest of the season due to WR depth, then go for it. But if you’re relying on Gordon to be your WR2 I would caution against it.

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A little more information on the trade I am currently the one with Barkley and Gordon and was offered obj and miller.. my other rbs are mixon AP and Aaron jones my other wr besides Gordon are Tate Allen Robinson Ridley and Dede Westbrook  it is a ppr league 

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