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Andrew wiggins 2018-19 Season Outlook

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0/12 with 1 board, 1 dime, and 1 T/O in 29 minutes.   I'm basically a hobbit, but even I could come up with a better stat-line in an NBA game than that. Put me in coach.

scrub winning me championships

Ranking at:  - Basketball monster #149 (ahead of Jaylen Brown, Sabonis, LeVert, Jonathan Isac,...) - FB Ninja #115 (ahead of KCP, Schroder, Dragic, Kuzma,...) Last year with Jimmy in town (bt

13 hours ago, c_dog said:

I like Wiggins. He’s quite underrated so it’s nice to be able to pick him up late in drafts.


Can be frustrating to watch at times. A little too passive. The frustrating part is that he is so immensely talented that he can take over a lot of games and stands back and lets someone else do it. I was really excited for Jimmy Butler coming over last year because I figured he would take Wiggins under his wing. I think Jimmy did the opposite of that. If anything Butler has stunted Wiggens' growth.


Butler needs to go and Towns and Wiggins need to be brought into a meeting and told 'This is your team'. 


My fear is that this kid might waste all his talent and never reach near his potential. The crazy thing is that there will still be several  20+ppg seasons even if he never gets better than he is right now.

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13 hours ago, c_dog said:

I like Wiggins. He’s quite underrated so it’s nice to be able to pick him up late in drafts.


18-4-1-2-1 and 3 treys per game over his last 4. If he can keep the stocks coming (more than capable and the min are going to be there) then I don't see why he can't exceed his draft position (around pick 100). The FG% will increase as will the points.

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That’s one hard hit he took.. I’m surprised he’s missing another game after working his way back.  I’m willing to take him missing a few games now as long as he returns to being iron man after this.  Really hope he can keep the 3s and stls coming.

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He’s actually been playing well.  Hopefully this new found efficiency at the stripe sticks for good.  I hope for a boost in ppg to the previous 24ppg range and a tad more rebounds, ast.  Most importantly I just want the threes and stls to continue.

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I'm targeting the crap out of Wiggins right now.  I think he's on the injury report to get people thinking that maybe he wasn't purposely sitting to avoid playing with Butler.  My bet is he's totally fine.


Butler calling out Wiggins and KAT was EXACTLY what these kids needed.  They have ridiculous talent, and now that the world knows Wiggins has much more to offer this team if he puts the effort in and steps up the intensity, Wiggins will do JUST THAT.  He's got the money to be set for life.  He has the physical attributes to be a super star.  He was lacking the will to win, and become a top 10 player.  Well, here's his shot to avoid having that label stuck on him in now his 4th season.  With Jimmy gone, the message is still in both of their heads.  To avoid having another veteran come in and make a scene about their effort and determination, Wiggins is gonna step up big time.


I think it's obvious we'll see an increase in points without Butler, but I also think we've seen a taste of what he's about to offer in the defensive stats categories, and 3 pointers, too.  With more effort, to shed that lazy, money grabber label, we should also see more rebounds, and assists.  It's no secret he settles for way too many long 2's, and I think he continued doing them this year out of spite towards Butler, and the organization for not shipping out Butler before the season started.


My prediction might seem crazy, but I'm gonna be bold here:


2 threes




1.5 stls

1 blk


45% FG

78% FT


2.5 to's


Basically, the break out season that's been long overdue.


I won't be surprised if he offers Top 45 value ROS.  With him still being on the injury report, and his current ranking, you should be able to obtain him from a frustrated owner, even with Butler out of town.  His current owner won't be as high on him as he probably should be.  I'm offering Steven Adams and Josh Hart for him, and maybe consider offering Jaren Jackson Jr so I can have a team with no real seriously inconsistent stat guys.  If you have Gallinari, or Danny Green, I'd consider making that offer for Wiggins, too.  


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I'm not sure what these idiot Refs are Reviewing but that was one hell of a finish for Wiggins

He has been very aggressive driving the ball to the bucket today. I'm not sure why he doesn't stay this aggressive every game. 

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