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Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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RHJ could definitely break out this year, along with  D Lo, and Levert, while Jarret Allen holds down the Center position well.   The Nets are on the upswing, in general, and have a great cu

I'm in a competitive 12 man and I drafted this dude in late 7th... I know I know.  Feel free to clown, I deserve it. I just loved what he did last year and thought he could be a beast this year,

Bro u telling me.   I held SGA right up until the day before he broke out. And of course someone picks him up right as i drop him.   Then i traded brogdon for RHJ cause i needed re

1 hour ago, monkeyzonSteroids said:


bag of chips

Off brand chips too... Idk, his FT% is what is really tilting me the most. I can handle the duds while he gets his s--- figured out. But he is poo pooing on my FT% AND the defensive stats are almost dried up compared to last year. I really don't see his minutes going anywhere but also have no clue if he will go back to having runs of top 75ish value like last year. As much as it pains me to do it, I'm gritting my teeth and holding at least til the end of the week.

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13 hours ago, monkeyzonSteroids said:

this dude kinda sucks. Im running out of patience

Hustle hard hat player, but can't spread the floor. Kinda like P.J. Tucker, Tucker can knock down 3's though. If he he could knock 3's like Draymond, he be fantasy gold. Hard facts for fantasy and reality.

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KILLING FT and FG and not helping anywhere else.  The guy is an atrocious player.  Really wish I could have avoided drafting him.  He's gone after this week, wish I could cut him now.  Crabbe is garbage too, but at least he hits FT's and 3s.  This team needs wings and should consider trading Dinwiddie (or even Russell) while they are putting up stats with LeVert out.

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This guy! He has plenty of potential in popcorn cats, but in the 1-1-1 cats he is more like a 0-0-0, which is why he is "next man down" off my roster. Would have dropped him last night for Dotson's short-term upside but league rules made me wait, so I had to cut someone else instead.

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For whatever reason, I feel compelled to hold onto him.  The season is young and he still brought it with boards and dimes tonight.  If I recall, it took him a while to really get it going last year too.  I suppose it depends on where your team is at standing-wise.  But I think he's worth a hold unless he craps it up for another month or so. 

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