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Jeff Teague 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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guys, lets just ignore this thread and not jinx anything..


we're all walking on a very thin ice and we don't want any positive/negative force affect Jeff Teague's ankles

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Tonight expecting 2 points on 1-11 shooting, 32 assists, 1 steal, 5 TO.  

Bledsoe > Teague > D'Angelo > Fultz   Bledsoe and Teague aren't too far apart. Teague gives you more dimes and Bledsoe more defensive stats so choose accordingly. D'Angelo is really

Goran is straight trash these days. His Fg% isn't good anymore, AST:TO is poor, Dimes trending down, no steals. I'm not touching Dragic this year he'll be WAY over-drafted like he was last year.

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I need him badly for my team, but I already stashed Dragic in my IL as backup.

But Tyus Jones' 6 starts w/o Teague 

- 9.7 PTS, 7.3 AST and 2.3 STLs is also very tempting

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Bout to drop Teague...this season has been a complete disaster...granted he has played well in most of the games he wasn’t injured but all these injuries are ridiculous and I do not think that all of a sudden he’s going to be healthy. Drop in my opinion...what do you guys think? 

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Everyone is dropping yet no one is dropping “what do you guys think” lol. I hear you, I’m right there though, I wanna drop him but scared someone will grab him and then he magically gets healthy. I’m gonna wait until tomorrow to see what the news on him before I make a decision. Hopefully tyus Jones will still be available 

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24 minutes ago, claptondecheeks said:

Yep. It's the list of guys you tell yourself you're not gonna draft no matter what, but you somehow end up drafting them anyways, so you end up hating them and yourself all year for it.

So, what you’re saying is that he’s kinda like a broken ATM machine?

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