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Khris Middleton 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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Bud has turned this team into a force. If Middelton wants to throw tantrums like a toddler then I'd send him to the doghouse too. Middleton has A LOT to prove. He is 1/3 in the playoffs (finally made

I think it is safe to say that he will be very close to averaging those numbers this year or maybe improving on them a bit. He doesn't have Jabari taking minutes away from him (averaged 4 less minutes

If the people who are saying they dropped him aren't trolling, you two might be the worst fantasy basketball players of all time (no offense).

1 hour ago, ROTY said:

I want to know if this is a slump or its for real too. A guy wants Ayton for his Khris and I want to get in before the window shuts!


Unless you need the big, I would do that.  It's close, but I like Middleton's chances of finishing with a floor of top 35 with top 20 upside once his shot starts falling.

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He looked so good in the first half - had 10 points and was being aggressive with his touches. The 2nd half he kicked the ball around a little and missed some open 3s. If he would have nailed 2/5 from deep it would have been a very solid line. I just traded my Doncic for him straight up for a ‘buy-low’ reference. 

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