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Kelly Oubre Jr 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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7 minutes ago, wallacesnoop said:

all about that playoff sched baby

Well that's subjective because all leagues are different. Mine starts right after all-star so it's only 3-3-4 


But I'm not worried about that now with any adds. Right now it's about finding supporting players that can fill in on 4 game weeks to help get me there! 

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Cute players are always a hold, especially the cutest of them all!!

Can’t wait to see this cutie in a Memphis uniform.

so naturally when its announced he's starting I quickly grab him JUST SO HE CAN BURN ME SOME MORE

Just now, Forever Smooth said:

Agree and there's a strong possibility he stays in the starting line up. Stocks upon stocks! :D

Look, I'm thinking hard about dropping H. Barnes for him. Picked up J. Isaac today. Barnes has like 6 stls for the season and that's it for stocks.

Yahoo 12 team/ H2H/9 cat

PG: Kyrie Irving, Ricky Rubio, Shai-Gilgeous Alexander, Collin Sexton

SG: Andrew Wiggins, Justin Holiday, Kris Middleton, Shai-Gilgeous Alexander

SF: Andrew Wiggins, Kris Middleton, Justin Holiday, Harrison Barnes, Jonathan Isaac

PF: Aaron Gordon, Harrison Barnes, Jonathan Isaac

C: Karl-Anthony Towns, Wendell Carter Jr.,  Dewayne Dedmon

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13 hours ago, Quazza said:

He's too inconsistent for me still. Been burned streaming him too many times. 


so naturally when its announced he's starting I quickly grab him JUST SO HE CAN BURN ME SOME MORE

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3 hours ago, wallacesnoop said:




Dont know why when i went to make another post in this thread it keeps bringing me back to one I already made earlier. So nevermind the quote part here i cant delete it for some reason.


Anyway, wow. Atleast i didn't drop anybody worth picking back up, but man this is embarassing. I run to go get this guy like hes money in a vault thats about to shut, and he performs this dud, making me look like a effing idiot. Thanks for nothing kelly

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38 minutes ago, papocrain said:

Holding here as well.

yeah I checked out his box score, when he gets mins he balls out. couple that with starting, one of the stars getting traded, fantasy friendly game, excellent pos hes a hold

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He’s never had strong percentages and consistency is his biggest drawback. It depends who is on your waiver wire. Owning him is so frustrating the past years, contract year for a big pay day. He tries to play defense but almost always gets burned. Need consistency 

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1 hour ago, Boogie Buckets said:


Eh thats a bit of a reach, Oubre cant get the stocks, fg% or assists that Anderson can. 

He is averaging 0.9 stl and 0.7 blk in under 25 minuted a game. 


1.2 steals along with close to 1 block are definetly possible. Agree with the assists though (closer to 1.5)

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