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Lou Williams 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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haha sorry guys still very new to fantasy. first year. learning the hard way obviously   

Lol is this serious? Jaylen is still on waivers in my league and is only playing well because of injuries. Tell whoever offered this ridiculous trade to you to f off and never even consider an offer f

I'll ride him all day long like his two girlfriend did, if he produces these kind of lines.

3 hours ago, happyberty said:

just traded luka for this dude. been beating everyone in rebounds by a large margin this season so i hope the free throw disparity between them will make up for their boards differential. good trade or nah?

depends what youre looking for

id say luka is a better lock for reb/ast and 3s but he is more inefficient and turns the ball over more

luka is probably more exciting to own and one possiblity is if clippers fall out of PO contention maybe lou gets rested or clips play their young guys. 

id personally just like to have luka for luka's sake haha but lou is a stud (i have him too)

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The counter argument is that LouWill is probably their best player with Tobias out and could easily be top 50 if not higher ros.  Also, the Mavs are in a worse position re the playoff hunt than the LAC so idk if the shutdown argument has any merit.  LouWill is on track for 20+ ppg/2+ 3pg, 5 apg, and an elite Ft anchor.  His downside which will always keep him from being even higher is terrible rebounds/stocks.  If you don’t need those he’s much better than Luca ros.  The only way Luca is better is if you’re punting FG/To and also need his rebounds/stocks. 

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Duly noted comments. Thanks. The two guys are really quite similar. Both also have pretty good season outlooks from here on out with Lou being the main guy in a team chasing the 8th seed and Luka being a rookie in a team with a coach known for developing the younger guys (Carlisle). Made the trade since I'm kinda betting it'll be safe since both have little to no shutdown and DNP-CD scenarios til the very end of the season.

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