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Domantas Sabonis 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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Just to blow your mind.  Using NBA.com's advanced statistics, he ranks #2 in the league for Player Impact Estimate for players averaging > 15 minutes per game..   Player Impact Estimate

it’s a travesty he’s not starting 

As a Turner owner, I hate to say it but Sabonis is so good for this team.  Every time he's on the floor, good things just seem to happen.  Not only does he have a postgame and a midrange shot, he's a

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2 hours ago, EmbiidGOAT said:

It's at the point now were the coach is looking like a fool for not starting this beast.


While I agree with you that he should be starting, the one that should be coming off the bench is Young and not Turner. The Pacers would be a much better team if they started both Sabonis and Turner, and kept Young coming off the bench.

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What I think the Pacers should do is switch up the starting lineup in case the opponent's pf is not a reliable corner 3 pt shooter which is their main reason for not starting the two together. Both of them can't close out fast enough. They have basically the same problem with the Raps.

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On 11/12/2018 at 3:40 PM, EmbiidGOAT said:

Is there any possibility Myles gets traded at the trade deadline? Is it even legal after signing him to such a large contract?


With the new cap, it isn't THAT large of a contract. He's probably overpaid by maybe 3-4/million a year. Some team will go for it if he's offered. For comparison, these guys make around the same as Myles: Pau Gasol, Biyombo, JV, Reggie Jackson, George Hill, Jeff Teague, Evan Turner. 

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7 hours ago, binhdvu83 said:

Turner's contract is considered solid value around the league, he would be a very valuable trade asset if the Pacers make him available. 



they should trade him for a 3 and D guy


would make them so much better 

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