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Keeper options help, pick 2! WHIR fer sure.


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Okay, need to finalize my picks for our (first!) auction in a couple weeks. I can keep any two from the list below. Donovan Mitchell is the no-brainer, and while I was previously locked in on Gary Harris or Josh Richardson, I'd forgotten that I'd ended the season with Jarrett Allen on my roster. His hype is real (especially on Rotoworld), but his average auction price creeping up is nudging his price here upward. There's also couple of solidly-priced "you know what you're getting" guys (Capela and Gordon), but I'm thinking I'd rather have the lottery tickets for two years.


Whoever I keep, I get at the price below for two years before they go into "restricted free agency". Standard $200 starting stacks.


Who ya got?



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12 minutes ago, chillychill said:

Capela or Gordon - you can get Harris for that price regularly.


Please help me out :)



Mm, the "you're overthinking this, dude" theory. That is a concern.


This is a good point, though. The way our auction is going to work, I don't have to announce in advance. I basically have two "screw off" cards I can use to end the bidding on any two of those players and take them for the price listed. So I can see where their price moves and play it at least a bit by ear.

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