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Burton, O.J. Howard, Njoku?? Wk 5 TE dilemma!! WHIR


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12 team std scoring QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE FLX (RB,WR,TE) DST K


Starters: Mahomes, M. Gordon, Miller, Diggs, D. Adams, Burton, Carson, LAC, Elliott (K)

Bench:Big Ben, Lindsay, Ekeler, Dixon, Shepard, C. Davis, C. Hogan, O.J. Howard


TE Position Max = 2


Have Burton an Howard on my roster wth both having Wk 5 BYE. Njoku just got dropped.

Should I pick up Njoku? Who do you drop?


I think Njoku breakouts now that Baker starting. Tough Wk5 matchup VS Bal


Disappointed with Burton so far and leaning towards dropping him. Hesitating b/c of his favorable matchup this week.


Could attempt to trade for another TE like Graham, Kittle, Ebron? What do you think? 

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I would rather keep Howard over Burton. I'm a big fan of Howard and think he establishes himself as one of the top-tier TEs this season. You can try trading for one of those 3 TEs, but it's not worth the trouble imo. All 3 are hit-or-miss and you should just grab Njoku if you have confidence in him.

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