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Alex Collins owners: Thoughts on adding Buck Allen?


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I’m thin at RB. 

After Mixon(out), Collins is my default RB1. 

Then there’s a pile of mystery RBs:

DLewis, CThompson, Barber


Buck Allen is the bane of Collins owners, but if I pick him up, I’m insured of having a decent backfield if one of them gets hurt, and on the off chance one of the two pulls ahead in usage, I’ve got him. 


I’d have to drop Agholor for Buck. 

I figure the RB35 > WR35, right?

And I’ve got 4 super WRs rostered. 


Thoughts please?

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If you have the roster space nothing wrong with it. I thought about it. But ended up going with some upside WR talent and someone else did pick up allen in my league. Reason why I didn't is even if something happens to collins. I don't see Buck being a workhorse. I think they promote someone up from the practice squad like talifero which is what they did before. So depends on what you have in waivers.

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