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Lauri Markkanen 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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1 hour ago, babyfaceassasin said:

wow those are Klove numbers with the Wolves.

Exactly what i'm thinking! Well they both have their risks, (MARKKANEN - OPJ and WCS healthy next year, lavine and dunn ballhog, possible FA aquisition LOVE - injury risk, age, possible trade to a contender). I guess i'll decide in the offseason, taking into account their situation for next year.

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1-2 weeks with at least a week after before the 3rd week of next year before the All-Star break

Does sh$t stink and is water wet?

That is it for me. Drop City.

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4 hours ago, aMediumPace said:

This is gonna sound like a wacky idea... but maybe put the ball in somebody’s hands other than Zach lavine at the end of the game? Maybe let Lauri take a shot at it? Geezus Christ 


3 hours ago, sleepysock said:

Bulls playing keep-away after regulation kept Lauri from getting 40+. I get Lavine was hot and he did hit the dagger, but he also clanked a lot of shots and turned the ball over playing hero ball.  


we all had the same observations. the commentators were saying that Lauri didn't take a shot since early Q4 until 4th overtime, if I remember correctly.

nothing against Zach LaVine, I think these kinds of moments is crucial to his growth - but so does Lauri.

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