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Lauri Markkanen 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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11 minutes ago, proffesor.m said:

On the wire in my 10 team H2H. Haven't owned him before, what kind of upside are we looking at here? I see he was 0.6 and 0.6 with low assists last year, is there any speculation of that improving? Seems like he has upside to put up mirotic numbers. 20-10-1.5 and 2.5 3's? 

Would love to have someone who knows his game better tell me what the best case scenario is here with the bulls being bad but having a bunch of chuckers out there. 


mirotic is a great comparison 

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1-2 weeks with at least a week after before the 3rd week of next year before the All-Star break

Does sh$t stink and is water wet?

That is it for me. Drop City.

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8 minutes ago, cchew100 said:

What kind of stats do you think Lauri can put once he gets back. There's a lot more talent on the team, but I'm hoping for 18 pts 8 boards and 2 3's. Not sure if he can add any defensive stats as that's not really his game.


I'm expecting something similar with how Mirotic is producing..


Nikola Mirotic

18.3 PTS

2.5 3PTM

9.1 REB

1.6 AST

1.0 STL

0.8 BLK

45% FG


1.2 TO


Lauri Markkanen

16.5 PTS

2.0 3PTM

8.3 REB

1.2 AST

0.7 STL

0.7 BLK

45% FG

85% FT

1.3 TO

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1 minute ago, MillenWasmyFavorite said:

Isn't he better than Mirotic?


Mirotic kind of in a dream scenario this year... Markkanen probably less so, but will have more opportunity. 


Mirotic is currently having 3rd round value. He will regress probably but only with lesser points and 3s.

REBs will keep up since NOL is playing at a faster pace this season.

He'll probably go down to 4th or even 5th. 

The only biggest concern with this fella is his injury history.


Markkanen has some issues to. Injury is on his shooting hand.

But if all turns out well, we could get somewhere between 3rd to 6th round value.

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