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John Wall 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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Says the zit covered 5'8 230 lb man-child who is probably eating M&Ms while typing this 

His contract will go down as possibly the worst in nba history and could rival the pujols contract.

Nightmare from the jump...never ever again... can’t wait to drop him actually...in some weird way..

5 hours ago, Slime said:

Y’all can’t be serious. You don’t draft a player like Wall if your not punting TOs. I’m actually 100% pleased of his production. He’s killing it for me. 


i always punt TO, but you can't be serious sayin he's "killing it"....


his assists, three point shooting, free throw shooting, and rebounds are all way down.


he's not performing close to where he was drafted, even in a punt TO build.

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6 hours ago, Chickenmane said:

Luckily i'm punting ft% and to so Wall has been playing pretty solid for me . In that sort of build Wall is ranked 21st on the season. 

Me too. He contributes at least 1 3PT a game with 1 block and 1 steal, and he's keeping my Roto team in assists, so I'm pleased. It all depends on team build, as @Tom Chambers said before. 

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As a DC homer, Wall's lack of leadership on this team is glaring, but fantasy wise Wall hasnt been nearly as bad as some are making it seem.  His scoring avg is the 2nd highest of his career and he's averaging over 2 stls and 1 block a game.


The FTs are at 70%, which is horrible for a PG and the number of attempts he gets.  Its also a disturbing trend that's carried over from last year.  And on the TOs, yes all Wall owners should be punting that category, but damn.....16 in his last two games??? There are other teams punting TOs too and I'd like to at least be competitive in that cat against them.  Playing against teams with guys like Lebron and Harden I'd like to at least have a chance.  But this joker is just jumping in the air and throwing the ball straight to the defense at least 2-3 times a game lately.  That ish aint cool.


I'm in a limited player keeper league and will be moving on from Wall one way or another this year.  He obviously still has a lot of value in the right build but I've already decided I'm no longer interested in being in the Wall business much longer.



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9 minutes ago, VaTerp said:

  But this joker is just jumping in the air and throwing the ball straight to the defense at least 2-3 times a game lately.  That ish aint cool.

Seriously, anyone watching these past few games can see these aren’t like good defense leading to a steal turnovers or something, he straight up hands the ball to the other team a couple times a game. How can you call out teammates as a leader and play like that yourself?


Not to mention his complete stagnation off the ball.


Fantasy wise he’s still delivering at least somewhat decent value, but he’d be a lot better if he just stopped trying to hero ball too hard.

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14 minutes ago, aijuswanaseing said:

Any reason why his assists have dipped?

Was expecting this guy to be top 5 in assists when I drafted him.

Wish I drafted Lowry instead ?


Three possible reasons from my perspective:


1)  They had a well publicized feud last year but Wall and Gortat actually had pretty good on court chemistry.  I don't have a stat on it but as someone who watches most Wizards games, Wall typically had 2-3 assists per game to Gortat just from pick n rolls alone.  The Wizards have not replaced that element of their offense.


2) Their offense as a whole is out of sync and they are shooting 44.2% as a team compared with 46.7% last season and 47.5 the year prior.  Those extra 2-3 misses a game could be assists for Wall since he has the ball in his hands so much.


3)  Beal's role as a playmaker is increasing.  His assists are down a bit too from last year but he is facilitating the offense a bit more at the expense of Wall running the offense.


Hoping the team starts playing better and he can get up to 8.5/9 range but doesnt look like he's sniffing double digits this year.

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one thing i noticed about wall IRL, he gets way too excited before the job is actually done .. he did it in the season opener, and he did it again today after wizards cut a huge deficit to the magic to 2 .. he really needs to relax, because he loses his focus with his premature outburst. 

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