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WR2- 3 GREAT choices...choose 1! WHIR!


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16 minutes ago, AAWWyeah said:

If Keenan Allen is out or limited, then I actually like Williams.  if not, then go Boyd.  I would consider sitting Fournette for any of the three.


49 minutes ago, white800 said:

With Cobb out I think I would go Allison. Rodgers trusts him but all 3 have huge upside. I might play Boyd over Fournette but that’s pretty ballsy. If fournettes a go you probably need to start him

So I wasn’t the only one thinking about this. Thought on face value, no way...but I think those matchups are so good for Allison & Boyd I could use them in case Fournette reaggravates his hammy

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