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Alex Len Outlook 2018-19

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55 minutes ago, bhkim814 said:

jokes aside, if Len stays out of foul trouble, I think 26-30 mpg for the next week or two is a good possibility. Only Spellman, Poythress, and Plumlee are left with Collins out for a week or two. Dedmon returning will likely put Len at around 25 mpg.

Dude is going to foul. That's part of his game. But if he can get his %s around 49% and 72% with .8 threes and 1.8 blks, congrats.

The weird thing is that his fg% fluctuates: 42.3, 50.7, 42.3, 49.7, 56.6. 


He was encouraged to "expand" his game during that 3rd year after showing promise in his second year, then they realized that they shouldn't try to post him up lol

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I feel like we talk about Len every year as a sleeper and he never wakes up. 

I don't think this year will be any different BUUUUUT, with Dedmon and Collins out for the first week, he should be productive in October.  I don't expect I'll have him on any teams come November, tho

I spent the last 2 seasons getting burned by this fool...now he’s went and added a 3ball?! Annnd he’s getting opportunity to start the season?   Oh boy...3rd yr in a row, sign me up again lm

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They encouraged him to shoot more mid range shots during his 3rd year to expand his game. 20% of his shots were 16+ footers during that year, so that definitely dragged down his FG%. 


This year I think he will only be dunks/layups and 3's

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2 minutes ago, DoctorLove said:


Wondering that myself...  sigh...


6 minutes ago, K50K said:

Anyone watching the game that can fill us in on why he’s playing so $hitty?


Just not involved at all, it looks like the ball on both ends is avoiding him. 

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4 hours ago, DoctorLove said:

You guys starting him in roto leagues?  I think I'm going to take a wait and see approach after his first game.


Well tonight, he's going up against a slower paced team and a bigger/slower type of center in Marc Gasol, so hopefully at least he won't be benched due to pace/small ball type of issues, only if he sucks.

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2 minutes ago, ctrlsoul said:

Streamed him on Sunday for the Block and he won me the week.. Now I am thinking keeping him over Boban.. Obviously I need to see if he will get consistent playing time once Dedmon is back 

Slow a$$ Boban who got 4 minutes of playing time Sunday vs. Len who is actually starting?  Not high on either but if you are contemplating this move then it's going to be a long season for you, imo.

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Anything changes here now with Collins out for a couple more weeks? It seems like he has all the chances to break out, at least for the short term. Dedmon does not play major minutes even if he starts. Could see Len playing 26-28min even with Dedmon full healthy without Collins playing small ball 5

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