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Elfrid Payton 2018-2019 Season Outlook


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2 minutes ago, ghostofathousand_ said:

You have got to be kidding me...dudes body not battle tested 

Dude, he went for a steal and his finger caught it the wrong way. He played at least 2 minutes with a fractured finger before they got him out. He even played after a time out I believe. The dude is tough as hell playing and dribbling with a fracture. 

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3 hours ago, heero78 said:

Man...... Anyone wanna take a guess on the recovery timeframe? 6-8 weeks? 

His yahoo note says 4-6 weeks..


sucks I feel like this can be a career year for this guy, hopefully he can get healthy 

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Looks like he might be able to play through his fractured pinky. It does take 4-8 weeks for the bone to heal but if he wear some protection finger sleeves he might be ok. Dude is playing tough but with some bad luck. 


He’s in a perfect team that can maximize his potential. ?

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Elfrid Payton (finger) will have surgery on his fractured left pinky.

Last night, coach Alvin Gentry said Payton was day-to-day, but that obviously won't be the case now. Surgery on finger fractures usually range around 4-6 weeks, but the Pelicans won't announce his timetable at this time. Payton's fantasy owners may want to want for him to have the surgery first before cutting him. Wes Johnson will likely get more starts while Darius Miller could see more playing time, as well.

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