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Javale McGee 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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4 hours ago, QCJLo said:

Here's what we learned from that game:


Kuzma is overwhelmed playing center and it is effecting his game.  The move back to the forward spot to fill in for the suspended Ingram placed him into a much more familiar and comfortable spot.  He thrived again, going off for 37 points.  The question now is, how will he be utilized?  Ingram is shelved for three more games, so we get to watch this process unfold.  I really don't know how many more minutes JaVale is capable of playing.  I know that Walton is maximizing his abilities.  It's possible that he knows pushing for more will result in a net-negative for McGee.


If Kuzma can't play center, who will?  Zubac played 5 minutes and picked up 5 fouls.  Beasley looks lost.  Interestingly, Jonathan Williams played 14 very productive minutes.  He ended the game with 8 points, 4 rebounds and 3 blocks.  However, I think this was just a good game from him and not something to expect.


Bottom line: JaVale still has no competition and the Lakers continue to depend heavily upon him.  I would fully expect that the Lakers will be looking to add a piece at the trade deadline or via waivers.  I doubt it will be anything more than the back up to JaVale though.


You seem very tuned into this team, do you think Wagner has a chance to be that guy this season?

I saw him play in summer league and he looked really good.  He is comfortable shooting the 3.

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- Donald Trump is president of the United States.  - The Browns aren't horrible. - Lebron is on the Lakers with Lance Stephenson, Michael Beasley, Rajon Rondo and Javale Mcgee, and Mcgee is

What you described is a typical starter (reduced minutes) rotation.   Your last sentence may end up being true, but that is speculation at this point as we have only seen one game.  

If McGee called in sick for 4 days in a row and the company I work at, his a** would have been fired. Especially with the salary he is getting paid.  C'mon get on the court, cough and sneeze at the op

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19 hours ago, jay14bay said:


You seem very tuned into this team, do you think Wagner has a chance to be that guy this season?

I saw him play in summer league and he looked really good.  He is comfortable shooting the 3.


There is a lot of talk around here with people that hang their hope on Wagner being serviceable in his first year.  He brings two items that the Lakers would covet for the benefit of this team: energy and 3-point shooting.  Since no one has stepped up and filled the back up center role yet, the job is very available.  But Wagner is a rookie and a late first round pick at that.  It's not often that rookies can make much of an impact, so expectations should be limited.  Let's not forget that Svi Mykhailiuk also tore up the summer league to the point that he got voted in to the All-NBA Summer League Second Team.  However, he is lost out there amongst NBA players, mostly due to the speed of the game.  There's a real learning curve that most rookies have to adapt to over the course of their first year.


With all of that said, I fully expect that Wagner will be given a shot if nothing else on this team has changed.  If he is even halfway decent, he can easily earn a quick 10-15 minutes of playing time.

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