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Help with trade offer WHIR


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Completely depends on who you have at tight end (Rudolph has at least been playable). If you have a semblance of a starter then I'd go for it. Fitz isn't doing too hot and Josh Gordon / Drake could both return solid value (might take a few weeks so hopefully you have some wins under your belt) 

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23 minutes ago, rahuLL said:

post your full team, hard to gage without knowing your depth/starters


Kirk Cousins



Keenan Allen

Antonio Brown

Larry Fitz

John Brown

Tyler Boyd



Mark Ingram

Phillip Lindsay

James White

Jay Ajayi

James Conner



George Kittle

Kyle Rudolph



Stephen Gostkowski




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It's a gamble but I'd make that trade. Fitz will bounce back but he won't be better than your other flex options, and you don't need Rudolph with Kittle. Drake and Gordon both have rare upside, though I think you have to be prepared for either to completely bust. But Drake or Gordon could help you win a championship if the cards fall right, whereas Rudolph and Fitz both have pretty low ceilings. 


Thanks for help on mine.

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I would do this trade, Gordon after getting accustomed to that offense could be massive for you, and Drake has a ton of upside if Miami decides to use him as they should. Fitz has hit a wall and his QB and offense isn't gonna improve. Rudolph is a nice TE to have but Kittle can fill your void easily.  Neither guy is gonna crack your lineup immediately but they have a lot more upside than what you're giving up.

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