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Big Trade - A.Brown for Zeek+Fuller (WHIR!)


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Team in sig and we start 4 flex players. Guy turned down my Brown for Hunt/Kelce trade yesterday. So I decided to try for top shelf again.


Could use thoughts on A.Brown for Zeek + Fuller.


Seems like great value to me but it's A.Brown so checking the community to make sure I'm not missing something. Zeek is a baller but Dallas isn't an amazing team this year. Fuller great WR2 but injury prone and hammys linger plus KeKe emergence.


Thoughts? WHIR.



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I think you're being unrealistic. Nothing needs to be added to Zeke in a swap for AB. Due to positional scarcity and the surprisingly-productive passing game throughout the league, I would almost say that the AB side should add something to get Zeke.

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