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Stephen Curry 2018-19 Season Outlook


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7th is not a "reach" for him.  But his production in 15-16 is unlikely to be matched because threes just don't have the same impact now.  There's way more threes being taken (and made) now than even three years ago.  It's the exact same reason someone like Klay has "fallen" in rankings over the years even if his numbers have been basically the same.

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10 minutes ago, shaolincage said:

for those that owned him  in 15-16, is this similar production so far?



I had  7th pick and was debating to reach for Steph but i'm glad i did it


Im in a very competitive 12 team money league and took him 5th. Not a reach.


in fact, during the season you will get bored by his “Tim Duncan-esque” production.


he manages to reliably hit that season average nearly every game. Doesn’t have many off games and his numbers are so stable, it’s boring

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Just set the record for most straight games with at least 5 threes at 7 games, and I have a feeling he's going to extend that record for a few more games. I know is very early in the season, but he's making an early strong case for MVP candidate this year along with AD. Let's hope he stays healthy, because I think if he plays 70+ games he's a lock for a top 3 finish.

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5 hours ago, Supersonics said:

How fun is this guy? Generational kind of player who seems to be in the zone every single game. I took him 4th overall ahead of KAT, KD, LBJ and Jokic to the surprise of many fellow managers in the league...I couldn’t be happier.

What was his rank last year?

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