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Drop Andrew Luck? Or take 0?


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With the Bears on BYE I am currently in a jam here. My team is currently sitting at 4-0 and I need a TE and D/ST to replace Burton and the Bears D/ST.


Here's my current lineup as of today.


QB: Mahomes, Luck

RB DJ, Howard, Michel,  Ajayi, Conner, A.Jones, C. Clement

WR T.Hill, Kenny G, Corey Davis, C.Godwin, D.Westbrook

TE Burton

D/ST Bears

K. Dan Bailey.


I am already planning on dropping Clement to add either a TE or D/ST. 


The question here is if I should drop Luck before tonight's game or should I just leave either the D/ST spot (learning towards this due to the potential of a D/ST leaving me in the neg) or TE spot blank?

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Why drop Godwin... I think Godwin still offers some value.


If I were to drop it'd be in this order. Clement first, you can't trust the philly backfield and he barely has produced, no way clement will take the jay ajayi mantle even if ajayi is injured. Philly will always be a RBBC, that's the way Doug pederson likes his RBs. Dede Westbrooke, no one trust Blake bortles throwing to him so I don't think anyone will pick Dede up even if you drop him, last week could be one of those flukely game script games since the Jets slot corner sucks and thats the easiest way to beat the Jets. Luck has upside but there are plenty of QBs out there that you can play week to week and he has a pretty tough schedule. I think Godwin has shown his worth and Winston coming back might even be a good thing.






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