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Demarcus Cousins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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He isnt limping, he is dragging his feet. Assuming this just helps with conditioning without having to put too much pressure on the Achilles. They wouldnt be ramping up his work and allowing him to pr

Thanks for sharing. 

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3 hours ago, bunnyzclan said:

How do people feel about GSW 5 game week on week 23? They only have 2 games week 22 too so is everyone else pretty much trying to sell them before trade deadline?

Seems unlikely to play the full 5 but no, I didn't hold him since October to sell him right before the trade deadline.

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On 1/22/2019 at 5:03 PM, m1dday said:


I don't think that matters, didn't really stop him last game anyway. Also looks like he'd be playing 5mins a quarter for his 20min limit for the foreseeable future.


1 hour ago, Soccer8098 said:

He is on pace for 25 minutes tonight if the game stays close. Pretty crazy, i thought 25 would be his ceiling in like 2 or 3 weeks but he has gone from 15 minutes to 21 minutes to probably 25 minutes tonight with only two fouls so far. 



Wow yeah, I didn't think I'd be eating my words this soon. But hot damn, he looked great out there tonight. 


Still baffles me why the Lakers didn't take him and chose to start with McGee but oh well. 16-0 playoff run seems very likely now

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yup.  some silly passes and fumbles, but he could've easily had a better line if some of his iffy shots went in and dropped balls had been collected.  He looks like he was worth carrying this season.

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3 minutes ago, PaddingtonBear said:

The fact his minutes are rising every game and his usage rate are very encouraging. The all star break will only help him with his conditioning. I would be confident of a top 50-60 ROS value now if he keeps trending up


Boogie will be good, but his bigger contribution in fantasy will be in helping the Warriors blow out the other team by 2nd quarter so Steph, KD, and Klay's stats will be deflated !

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