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Demarcus Cousins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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1 minute ago, Trade Monster said:

Did anybody see the severity or did they just pull him because the game was a blowout. 

This. He walked off under his own power and the game was pretty much out of reach at this point. He also just posted a funny story on his IG so I’m guessing he’s alright. 

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21 minutes ago, pushaZ said:

Hmm him or Poeltl for 4 games...

Not the call I wanna make right when it counts most

I'm contemplating really hard about picking up poeltl. H2h i only need to win 5-4 to advance. Thinking about punting pts and going for blks, boards, fg%, stls and assists. Poeltl would definitely help. 

If you're punting as well, poeltl could be the right asset to own next week.

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27 minutes ago, megaplayboy said:

I'd wait for official word on the MRI

I’m also in a predicament. I’m facing the number one seed this week. He’s got a better roster but I have the leg up with a better schedule and the opportunity to improve. I have to replace oubre and I can also replace kuzma. 

47 games this week (with two from boogie gone from 49) to his 43. 


Hes got The splash brothers so I know they will soak up part of Cousins usage and they have a dope schedule. I’m really only concerned about winning this week, and worry about next week when it gets here. 

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Worst news is not knowing what will happen, at this point it's championship or bust for me I might let Cousins go for a guaranteed 4 games from some descent WW's. Roto says there's a chance he still plays in the 3 games left but its a b2b 23/24th and they are more than likely gonna rest him in one of those. What ya'll thinking?

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I'm kind of with you. A couple of things I can do is get 5 games out of two players in place of boogie and put someone else in for Oubre depending on my needs. I think I want Jalen Brunson long term but he plays tonight so I lose a game so I wouldn't gain a game competitive advantage there. . 

Maybe combo up House with Jaylen Brown, Giles, Malik or Zeller (if he's back to form). House might pickup additional workload with D'antoni getting ready to rest vets.

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